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There are approximately 80,000 toxic chemicals in common use in everyday household and commercial office cleaning products.

At Elite Service Group, we believe that you should be as safe at work as you chose to be at home. We pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible and will make certain your office is as safe and clean as those enoyed by our current customers

We have initiated a comprehensive high performance “Green” Cleaning Program in all of our buildings and for our clients.

Working hands on with our vendors we have helped develop and select products and implemented cleaning procedures that meet the hight standards set by such agencies as “Green Seal” and LEEDS in order to reduce negative impacts on health and on the environment.

We believe that this approach improves the quality of the work environment and will have a positive effect on the health of the people who work in the building. Additionally, we are implementing new and innovative cleaning strategies, procedures and guidelines backed by the host up-to-date training support tools.